Sometimes I pee myself

Sometimes I pee myself cover

It was his first school experience; he was big already! But he didn't want to go to school because was afraid that what happened to him at home at bedtime would happen at school. He spent hours trying to keep his eyes open and his head danced from side to side, but without music.

Facing new challenges requires a lot of confidence.  In a fun way and with a spark full of love, this beautiful story shows how a child manages to face and win against the unknown.

Discover how he manages to overcome that stage and feel validated without affecting his self-esteem despite what could happen.

With this story, the author captures experiences lived in her role as an educator. At the same time, she intends that this book becomes motivation for preschoolers, especially before their first school experience, to trust themselves, their parents, and their teachers. Also, that they recognize that nothing happens if they pee when they sleep and wet the bed.

The book offers tips for toilet training and activities to do with the story.

Beautifully illustrated by Angela Flecha Flecha



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